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Eagle plastic column protector

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Telefonnummer: +31 24 - 352 352 2
Product Name :


  • Blow-moulded 100 percent high-density polyethylene;
  • Resistant to most chemicals;
  • Features key-lock to prevent slippage and assist with installation alignment;
  • Available to fit 10 cm, 15cm, 20 cm, 25 cm and 30 cm round or square supports;
  • Two halves attach with easy-to-install straps, no tools required;
  • Tested with fork truck: 3855.5 kg at 8 kph;
  • Protectors come in yellow with black straps.

Eagle's Column Protectors offer affordable protection for warehouse and factory columns and beams. Absorbs impact from tow motors, minimizing column, fork truck, and personnel damage and injury.

These yellow blow-molded 100 percent high-density polyethylene (HDPE) protectors are resistant to most chemicals and feature key-lock to prevent slippage and assist with installation alignment.

No tools required. Two halves attach with easy-to-install black straps (included).


Colour: yellow

Material: high-density polyethylene (HDPE)

Mounting: hook-and-loop straps (included)

Height: 106.7 cm


  • Opening 10-15 cm: 33.1 cm
  • Opening 15 x 15 cm: 61 cm
  • Opening 20 x 20 cm: 61 cm
  • Opening 25 x 25 cm: 61 cm
  • Opening 30 x 30 cm: 61 cm
  • Opening round, ø 20 cm: 61 cm


  • Färg
  • Manufacturer
  • Material
    Högdensitetspolyeten (HDPE)
  • Användningsområde
    In- och utomhusbruk
  • Höjd
    106,7 cm
  • Monterings typ
    kardborreband (ingår)